Sunday, February 9, 2014

40/365 • the last chapter, or the first

There was one thing I had to do today. Actually there were a lot of things.
[Pack a suitcase. Remember everything!]
But one important thing. We had to finish our book.
We had three chapters left, and they were read in the final minutes before bedtime. 
In fact, bedtime was delayed by twenty minutes, because it had to be finished.

The final paragraphs of The Magician's Nephew prelude the next adventure of course.
They tell us the story isn't over, and suggest there are even more exciting things to happen (to which Joel's eyes lit up) even though we have reached an ending here.

And it seems fitting here that adventure awaits me now, in the early hours of tomorrow morning. That tomorrow could be the new adventure, the Stepping-Through-The-Wardrobe adventure. The I'll-Never-Be-The-Same-Again adventure.

I am reminding myself of why I said 'yes'. Why I needed to trust, and be taken deeper, where my feet could ever wander.*

Tomorrow, they wander. 
Where are you letting yours be taken? Are you answering the Call?
However scary it may be. However much you have to remind yourself of why.


* These amazing lyrics, so perfect for right now. 

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