Saturday, February 8, 2014

39/365 • telling myself

My bags are out, ready to be packed.
The nervousness in my stomach already the ache I feel for home, for my people. I miss them already, more than I care to examine within myself. That part I've tucked away, and out instead is the breath live wide open, be bold and courageous.
I read here and reminded myself that staying home is sometimes just as hard as being the one to go.
Only it's my turn to go this time. My turn to see a world other than my own, and reach deep for the thing that I can offer it.
We all have something to offer.
And you are not the only one to doubt yourself, or your gifts, or your worth.
Doubt your doubts, and do it anyway.*
*telling myself

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  1. Oh Em, where have you gone? alone or with the family? wherever you are, have fun and enjoy xx


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