Sunday, February 2, 2014

33/365 • time, and the smile on our days

The lights were dimmed early tonight, on the eve of a new school year.
Lunches have been prepared and packed, biscuits baked to subside any nerves - theirs and mine.
And I reflect in the quiet about the month gone by, and how the simple can be hard to find, and that I haven't truly invested time into the ones I just kissed goodnight.
I haven't read to them enough, and some days I find the dinner dishes an accomplishment, but really what else is being accomplished?
I'm still [slow] learning how to set time aside - just like the pile of laundry that begs to be moved to gather little ones and read. To move aside my to-do list and play the begged just-one-more game of Go Fish. Push the swinging, curly haired one a little higher and a little longer.

And now the time I thought I didn't have during the holidays will lessen, and the choices I make about what I do with that time will be even more significant. 

Because He gives us our days, and our time, and He's given me my babies and my husband. And this time he gives slips through fingers, and flies by like crazy.
And the only way to hold on to it is to invest it into the things that really matter.

To determine what matters, what is important, what yields the biggest return - what our time will reward us for.

A constant reminder as I flail through motherhood, and sisterhood and marriage, to love deeply, give my time freely.
And what is sown will be reaped and the honour for our choices, His smile on our days.\


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  1. You have really captured the essence of parenting in this post. I too struggle to turn a blind eye to all the jobs mounting and invest that time.


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