Tuesday, January 7, 2014

7/365 • week one

One week into the New Year.
Our summer days have been mild, but not mild enough to dull the lure of the ocean.
Our mornings have been spent there lately, and our afternoons have lulled away quietly with library books (and iPads).
The Christmas decorations have been packed away, except for a lone felt ball garland in the lounge room, which I have decided is a 'holiday' garland, and can stay a little while longer.
We cook and eat outside, and smalls are excited to be allowed fizzy.
While I love the routine of school weeks and organised days, the flow of unplanned mornings are teaching me to slow down, and plod along my days with slower winding cogs.
We haven't yet hit the boredom of too-long days, and I am conscious of how much screen-time they are having, and what I'll put in place to restrict it when the school year resumes.

This first week has set a tone I would be happy for the rest of the year to sing.
Far from perfect, but my determination (and discipline) to see each day in it's own new light is paying off. 
Goals don't seem too overwhelming when I take them step by step.
Here's to week two.


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