Monday, January 6, 2014

6/365 • gifts and green tea

My mother-in-law bought Eden her very own, brand new sewing machine for Christmas.
An extravagant gift that I'm sure will serve her well into adulthood.
She was always asking me if we could sew. 
Now she has her machine all set up next to mine (and is asking even more!).
She has been practicing on baking paper; turning the flywheel, lifting the presser foot, cutting her thread. 
She made a 'bag' out of some scrap fabric for her cousin, and a tiny doll pillow for her other little cousin. Everything she creates is for someone else.
She wants to create beautiful things, not to hold on to, to hoard, but to gift, to bless.
She is a beautiful soul.

Our gifts and desires have been given to us to provide us with inspiration - it makes us genuinely happy to do something we enjoy, and are good at!

But I believe they were given to us also to be a blessing to someone else. 
Use your gifts to gift.
We are all good at something. 
A beautiful friend of mine is an amazing cook. 
She is the best host, she opens her home and invites people to enjoy her meals (which are amazing!). 
She is gifted, and lives wide open and blesses others with her gift.
When someone is passionate about doing something they love, it inspires others.
To either try that thing, or encourages them to step out and use the gifts they alone have been given.
This friend inspires me to cook things I haven't tried, to be more adventurous, to add excitement to the monotony of cooking the weekday evening meals.

Eden has inspired me.
I now sit, iced green tea in hand, perusing the pages of a pattern book, ready to get my sew on!

What is it that you are good at?

How can you use it to bless someone else?


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