Sunday, January 5, 2014

5/365 • nurturing the unnatural

Today, a beach picnic turned into afternoon fishing, which turned into a house full of friends this evening. There is sand under my feet and salt in my hair and I'm thankful for today.
Never underestimate the power of starting your day right.
Putting the right things in ensures the right things flow around inside and are able to come out, and my company can be pleasant and my days sweet. 

Summer holidays mean I have space, and time and a slower pace to begin my day.
I can make time to prepare something that will nurture my body, 
and be still.

Today was the last real day of holidays.
We still have a few weeks before the kiddos are back at school, but the Mr is back at work tomorrow, so it won't feel so much like holidays.
Days will have a different rhythm.
It will be a practice run for the discipline I am determined to have when the school term starts.
The rhythm I want my days to run by.
The things that I need to do over and over and over,
so that they become second nature.
Natural. Not made or caused by humankind, relating to earthly human or physical nature

The difference between the natural and the spiritual has something to do with choice.
The choice I make to continue to do what I know I should.
So that the spiritual becomes natural.

Start it right. 


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