Tuesday, January 28, 2014

28/354 • slow changes - and wholefood banana bread

This morning was unusually cool, and as I opened all the windows and the brisk morning air breezed through the kitchen, I knew I had to bake the Banana Bread* I'd had bookmarked for a few long hot weeks. By 9:15 it had emerged from the oven, hot and fragrant - and had the troops by the kitchen bench in seconds! 

This banana bread was light and sweet, and didn't taste coconutty (although there was a slight desiccated coconut texture) and made with 5 eggs was a good source of protein for our morning tea.

We have been slowly making changes to our diets.

Refined sugar hasn't made an appearance in weeks, and we have eliminated grains for now.
I have wanted to make changes for a long time, but without Daniel on board I often found I was losing a solitary battle with the kids and their diet.
Even with his support now, it is hard to remove things from their diet that they are so used to having.
Theirs hasn't changed as drastically as ours, but the changes we are making are slow and steady - and I am reminding myself to be patient as we find healthy substitutes for what have been our very staple foods and meals.

Thankfully, two out of three loved this healthy alternative to our old favourite. 

I am already looking forward to Autumn, the cool weather it will bring, and curling up regularly with tea and a slice of this goodness.


Bianca's blog is an amazing source of whole food snacks, which I find the hardest to provide my little people - there are only so many nuts they will eat before they start clawing the pantry doors for something sweet!

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