Monday, January 27, 2014

27/265 • slow down woman [the story of the many scrapbooks]

Today marked the beginning of the last week of school holidays.
The kiddos start their shiny new school year next Monday.
I've been checking off my list of to-do's. Today's was urgent - the online stationery order.
I set out straight after breakfast, knowing if I left it later I would procrastinate and it wouldn't get done.
I breezed (read, rushed) through the two book lists, entering quantities for crayons and pencils, and scrapbooks, and rulers, and glue. I got to the end, slightly surprised at the expense, but, with the next thing on the list nudging, I paid anyway.
Only to read the invoice afterwards and realise I had bought and paid for 111 scrapbooks, instead of 11. Yes, one hundred and eleven.

I internally growled at myself.
Slow down woman! 
My mother does things fast, and I take after her.
She takes 2 minute showers, and does the dishes in 5 minutes flat.
She just goes and goes, and sometimes I just go and go and go too.
And it's productive. But slowing down does have it's positives.
Slowing down ensures you break less dinner plates.
It ensures enjoy your meal, instead of being the first to finish, and start clearing away.
It ensures you have time to be aware of how others are feeling, before you say the first thing on your mind.

Being slow isn't being lazy.
It's being wise. 
Being slow to anger doesn't mean we don't get angry; we control the anger as it rises to the surface, determining the true source, and ensuring the appropriate response.
Or ensuring we don't respond at all.

Slow down. Take a deep breath. What's the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?*

Be still. Breathe. Slow down.
Mistakes are less likely to happen that way.**


*Jeremiah 2:25 (msg)
** Tomorrows to-do list requires a phone call to the stationery company to ask if they would pretty please refund me for 100 scrapbooks, before they send out my order! Oops.

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  1. Oh this made me laugh, I am exactly the same, rushing ahead and sometimes I look back and I have no memory of what I have just done or been (I do this while driving too) I'm fast too just like you, people say to me often, how did you mange that so fast but I do and its me and I will try to slow down and read my kids faces as they tell me there stories instead of head down ears pricked listening but doing something like hanging the washing etc.


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