Saturday, January 25, 2014

25/365 • make a start

I tied my running shoes apprehensively tonight.
The sky was already darkening, and I was tired.
I didn't feel like I could run,
When I started out, my running felt laboured. My legs were already tired after 20 seconds and all I could think of was the quietness of home. The kiddos tucked up for the night; the couch called my name.
Still I ran.
I put one foot in front of another, and another, and another.
I told myself if I made it to the boat ramp, it would be okay for me to stop.
The clouds over the horizon made the sky burst with greys and evening blues.
I ran past the boat ramp, and kept going. I turned at the half way mark, surprised I had made it that far.
My stride was shorter now, but still I ran.
Past people walking their dogs, kids playing on the playground in the warm dark.
I watched the twinkle of torches out in the bay, and wondered if crabs were being scooped into nets, and whether those people wear shoes out there in the waist deep.
I could have stopped at the school but I pressed on. Home wasn't too far, and Bobbie was keeping me company.
And then I made it.
Tonight I could have easily sat on the couch.
But I started. I put one foot in front of the other.
Tonight, I didn't feel like reading my Bible, or opening my ipad to pour out my thoughts here.
I would rather have curled up in bed, or just pretended those things didn't exist for now.
I didn't think I could write tonight.
But, like running, I just began.
And then the words came. One after another, and again.
And then I made it.
That thing that you feel like you can't do?
Just make a start. And then put one foot in front of the other, and again.

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