Thursday, January 2, 2014

2/365 • Selah

In the daily, the monotonous, the unglamorous, the busy, I often forget to breathe.
To take a big Soul Breath, and breathe out the cares.
To remember the One my help comes from. To look up. Recalibrate.
Where am I? Where is North? Where am I going? Selah. Pause. Give thanks.
Remember. Breathe.

The alarm made me stop.

I wondered what the noise was. 
In the few moments it took me to dig for my phone I remembered why I'd set it.
I remembered, and it made me smile. Pause. Selah.
My thoughts turned heavenward. I breathed out thanks for this moment, this day.
10am and 2pm.
To remind myself, in the busy, in the bustle, to stop.

Twenty Fourteen. About the daily. Selah.



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