Wednesday, January 22, 2014

22/365 • created for freedom

This morning, busy preparing for my day, my head full happy to-do's and nothings when out of nowhere came some yuk. Actually, there was a trigger for my yuk, but it still sent me reeling - I wasn't in control of what I was feeling for a handful of minutes.
In a moment that was unusual for my 'just bury it at it will go away' reaction I felt something within me rise up and face it.
Confront a part of my humanity that I would rather pretend does not exist, head on.
I've discovered in this past few months how much of my life comes down to the choices I make. We were created with complete freedom over our will. I can choose what to think (and what not to), I can choose what to speak, I can choose what to nourish my body with, I can choose how to treat people - all regardless of how I feel.
This morning I didn't feel adequate. I didn't feel like a conqueror. But I became one by admitting my failings to myself, embracing the weakness. And allowing the Truth in, despite the onslaught of irrationality churning in my stomach, brought freedom. And peace.
All before 8:30am*.
* And then I proceeded to spend the morning at the pools, muster some kid-swapping, and have 7 kids for the afternoon, two of which have stayed for a sleepover. Phew!

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  1. I love how you write and I feel such a similarity. You express your thoughts in a way I really respond to, but could not put into words. Thankyou. You help make my day. xx


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