Saturday, January 18, 2014

18/365 • she who nurtures

We wouldn't appreciate leisure time if we had all the time in the world.
Daniel has been on holidays from studying since late November and we are enjoying the ease of no deadlines, late nights, assignments, or overhead worry.

We walked hand in hand through Fremantle today (after a lunch at The Raw Kitchen, and rare time without our babies) and he said he's thankful for every moment.
Every collapse on the couch, every cricket game he's caught on television, every early night. 
Because he knows what it is to work hard, and he knows that another season of study is up ahead. He appreciates.

I have been trying to run at least a few nights a week.
I've been disciplined about what I eat and what I say. 
I love my nights off.
There's no guilt about what I should have done, or still need to do.
I can find something soul-lifting and inspiring to do, and appreciate that time I have.
Because I know the next day will bring with it the choices I need to be disciplined in making, and the hard work again.

If I go without spending unnecessarily, I know when I eventually treat myself (or am gifted!) with something pretty I will appreciate it so much more.
If I work hard, my holidays will be blissful.
If I am purposeful enough to schedule the me-time, the hard work in between is enjoyable.

The sleep of a hard and honest worker is sweet.*
The leisure time of she who works hard is well earned and enjoyed, without guilt.*
She who nurtures her family and gives of her life is blessed with the nurture of her own soul.
She who refreshes others will be refreshed.**


* Ecclesiastes 5:12, and my paraphrase 
** Proverbs 11:25

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