Friday, January 17, 2014

17/365 • the lure of the beautiful

When I mentioned their lack of pyjamas a couple of weeks ago, and, thinking out loud, mentioned that I would keep an eye out at the shops for nighties for the girls, Eden exclaimed, "I KNOW WHAT NIGHTIE I WANT!" and ran to the bedroom.
Intrigued, I followed her and watched her fossick through the bookshelf until she'd found what she was looking for, and hurriedly flipped to the back page.
"That one!"

This nightie has sat on my sewing machine for a week.
I'd hurry into the studio each rare chance I had, and spend 10 or 15 minutes pinning the yoke, or unpicking the gathering or sewing the hems.
For a few days I didn't get out there.
Not because I wasn't here but because I allowed other things to take priority.
Namely, the dishes or the beds or the floors, or any of the other things I felt needed to be perfect before I permit myself to freedom.

But I came to realise that the lure of the beautiful had to be stronger than the temptation of perfection. For the creative to occur, I had to overlook the imperfections in my house, and let myself create freely.

So I did. I prepared dinner in advance, ushered the smalls outside to the sunshine and gave myself an hour to complete the nightdress. I scheduled the time into my day. Regardless of what else had to be done, I was determined.

And she was thrilled.


* The nightie is actually a dress pattern from Happy Homemade Vol 2, after my search for a nightie pattern failed. And is terribly imperfect - the yoke is crooked, the seams slightly wonky... She is none the wiser.


  1. that is so sweet. you are sealing in her mind how amazing her mother is. she will probably remember this her whole life.

  2. Your words speak to my heart. How often I let the distractions of the mundane keep me from letting myself be creatively free.
    "the lure of the beautiful {has} to be stronger than the temptation of perfection." What wise words. Thank you!

  3. P.S. What a pretty nightgown for your beautiful girl. :)

  4. My little girl loves that book! And I did too… If I could sew I'd be very tempted… It turned out brilliantly and looks so sweet!


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