Wednesday, January 15, 2014

15/365 • the lemon seedling

Do you remember those tiny lemon seeds?
The ones who held such hope and promise?
I had almost given up hope, until last week saw a tiny shoot bursting to the surface.
Now that tiny shoot has grown, the warm summer sunshine on it's glossy leaves surely helps.
But only the one.
What prevented the growth of the other?
It hides there in the dark, not growing.As these thoughts of dark hidden things reach my soul I immediately turn my heart to the light. Revealing those secret things that might stunt my own growth.

If only my own was so easy to supervise; the results of such careful cultivation so obvious and visible.

I've been cultivating my seed of faith. 
Laboriously tending my heart, feeding and fertilising. 
My twenty fourteen banner of discipline has helped. 
Remembering each day to fill up only on what nurtures my mind and soul and body.
Like this little seedling, I turn my face towards the Sun and trust that the growth will come.


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