Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1/365 • Firsts

The first of the year is held in my open palms so delicately. I gaze down at it with awe and wonder what it holds, and hope that it is kind and imagine myself at the end of it, having achieved all I set out to; strong and triumphant.

Sadly, the end of each year we are usually dragging our feet behind us, disheveled and disillusioned and wondering why it is that our well-intentioned resolutions don't last longer than February, if we were lucky. But I refuse to believe that all goals set us up for imminent failure. Maybe we just have to make the right ones? Maybe if I put more hope in daily Brand New Mercies* and less in An Amazing Year, I'll have everything I need to see the amazing in every day. In the daily; the messy, the fragile and the broken. Maybe Discipline really is the noun and the verb I need for Twenty Fourteen.

Because nothing magical happened last night as the clock changed and told us it was a New Year. There is no extra grace for today or added potential. The reality is that the change happens in us. And the same change is available every morning. His love and mercy is created new every morning, and just maybe He can create me new too.

There is no hope in a new year, but Hope each day in new gifts, new grace, new inspiration. Old things have passed, everything is made new.

So this year my focus is on each day. The discipline of starting it right, what and what not to put in my mouth, and what should and shouldn't come out of it. Noticing and thanking and writing and dreaming and working. And I'll keep myself accountable daily here. And maybe those of you who read these words and visit this space from time to time will draw inspiration too, to fill the rhythms of your day with purpose and discipline, and to see the potential in each new dawn.

Much love, Em xx


  1. Happy New Year ...hope it is filled with all your hopes and dreams. x

  2. Lovely post, Em:) Happy New Year to you and may this year be one filled with His grace and mercy. Can't ask for a better thing than that x

  3. Lovely words Em. And heres to a brand new year and a day at a time

  4. I'll be tuning in often. Love it Em. It's not us - it is us leaning completely on Him. The more we lean the more we will see achieved. Here's to an amazing 2014!!! I love the fresh feeling of the year ahead - looking forward to seeing your achievements - and also mine :-)


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