Monday, January 13, 2014

13/365 • tell yourself you can

I've collapsed into bed tonight on to brand new, crisp, sweet-smelling sheets.
I'm trying to slow my mind from swirling 1001 thoughts and making me dizzy; and instead pull identifiable, doable ideas from the swirling mass and dot-point them there.
Firmly. There.
An amazing quote I've heard this week as we embark as a family on a change in our diets and health, is that 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail' and in my own life I have seen this to be true.
If I don't have healthy snacks prepared, I'll go the easy route and eat a biscuit (or ten!).
If I don't have dinner planned and somewhat prepared and ready in advance, it can end in shambles (and take away fish and chips).

If I don't pull clear thoughts and vision now for what tomorrow will look like (allowing of course, flexibility because mothering never turns out the way I expect), I will find myself drowning in laundry with hungry children at my feet and no course of action in sight.

Everything comes down to preparation.

Life is made easier when I am prepared.

Prepared to speak words of life and wisdom.
Prepared to be flexible, meet a need, say yes.
Preparation, although it has to be physically done, really begins in my mind.

I can always run further when I tell myself I can before I start.


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