Sunday, January 12, 2014

12/365 • here and now - a lesson in contentment

Temperatures soared yesterday; the heat was thick and relentless.
In the afternoon, when the ocean beckoned, cool and salty, we obeyed.

So often I long for distant places, and wanderlust tugs at my heart.
But yesterday I breathed in this place, and lived in the now, and wondered why I would dream of anywhere else. This place I live could be someone else's dream.
This place of the sunset over ocean, and white sand and silky water over warm faces.

We were the last to leave.
The sun gone, everything moody and dark and blue.
The kids stripped and showered there, in the almost-darkness, outside. 
Rinsing off sand and salt.
The excitement of dressing in the dark, sand still on their feet, made their collective voice high pitched and happy.
"This is the best day ever!"

Breathe in the here and now.
A lesson I need to learn and practice.


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