Saturday, January 11, 2014

11/365 • your sleep will be sweet

Today I woke tired. 
What felt like a night full of interrupted sleep has taken it's toll.
My eyes are heavy, and I'm impatient.
"I love you, my grumpy wife" my husband says affectionately as I grumble around the kitchen.
I'm reminding myself of the benefits of a good night's sleep. 
Of going to bed early.

When I sleep consistently well, my mood improves. I'm emotionally healthy; I recognise wrong thoughts or emotions and am able to pull them down, think higher thoughts.
The opposite is true when I'm tired. 
My thoughts are messy, and little things are more likely to affect me emotionally.
There's not a whole lot I can do about sleep interruptions (especially of the small-human variety) but I know I need to prompt myself to go to bed earlier.
So I can accomplish everything I need to the following day, but also so I am more pleasant for my family to be around! So that I can cope!

I have lost the art of a good bed time routine lately, and it is something I need to re-learn.
Chamomile tea, a candle, reading or journalling. Lavender next to my bed.
Not tv right before bed!
Not thinking, planning, worrying*

Do you know that sleep improves concentration, mood, your decision making ability, athletic ability, health and memory?
Are you sleeping well? Do you need to remind yourself to go to bed earlier?
Do you need a reminder?

I made this tiny dream-catcher this afternoon and I would love to give it away to one of you (I wish I could make 50, for everyone!**)
Leave a comment either here if you'd like a chance, or on the FB page and I'll have one of my kiddos draw a name next Saturday.

Thankful for sweet sleep***, and an early night tonight.


* It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep. Psalm 127:2

** Or you could make one! A hoop, a doily, some lengths of lace and fabric, some feathers… (if you do, I would love to see!)

*** Proverbs 3:24


  1. I've been going to bed so late regularly too! It's so tempting just to stay up 10 minutes longer, but I always regret it in the morning.
    Love that Psalm. It reminds me a bit of Psalm 4.8, too.
    *True* rest... :)

  2. I've been desperate for sleep. We have all been sick and now we have the chicken pox. Blah!
    I have been looking for a dream catcher for months. This would look absolutely perfect in my room. Xx

  3. Thank you, your words are so true. I do so need that gentle reminder.

  4. Because I think I've commented on every blog you've written this year you will know I'm not commenting just to win :-) although that would be lovely !! Sleep hanged everything. Holidays makes it more tempting to stay up longer. Hope you get some early nights and uninterrupted sleep soon xx

  5. I need to work on going to sleep early! Once the kids are sleeping it's just so tempting to stay away that little bit longer, and then a little bit longer, even once all real coherence has gone… tomorrow. Maybe! A gorgeous dream catcher.

  6. I find I need lots of sleep too, 8 hrs minimum. But that's probably mainly related to my iron deficiency. Funnily enough I never drank tea until I had kids, it was the only thing that got me through those sleep deprived days! Such a sweet dream catcher, thanks for a chance to win. Really enjoying your daily posts too by the way :-)

  7. I feel the same way about sleep. When I am well rested I feel creative, healthy and ready to take on the world. When I lose out on sleep I am a big crank. Here's hoping you get a wonderful full night of sleep tonight. Blessings to you! And, what a lovely dream catcher!

  8. I have been trying to put my one year old to sleep at eight consistently, but my husbandleaves for work at 12 am so we uusually have our time after little man goes to bed so I never get a good night's sleep. That's okay, though... It's just a season.... Right??

  9. Aaaaah sleep! I am also like a different person with it. 16 days ago the doctor changed me to a different migraine medication of which the main side effect is sleepiness. So you take it at night time. Oh my I have had 16 of the best nights sleep in 7 years (in other words pre pregnancy and kids). I feel GREAT because for the last few months I'd been struggling to have more than 4-5 very interrupted and fitful hours. The change is indescribable. It's made me by far a nicer person to be around and I am finding I heal much quicker too. It truly does feel like a miracle!
    (And no migraines helps too!)

  10. I have a vice like grip on my coffee as I type!!....sleep is a very distant memory im afraid. I have very early risers and im trying to retrain my brain and convince myself that 5 hours of broken sleep is just peachy!....ive been promised a nap today and that is what will keep me going. gorgeous dream catcher!
    zzzzzzzzzzzzz x

  11. my sweet lil almost 8 year old needs a dream catcher to catch her nightmares and turn them into sweet dreams. I have written them all down and have kept them so when she is older she can read them and have a laugh as they are sooooo funny but I know how scary they are to her. Her imagination is one of my favourite things about her but when you have her yelling out to come and listen to her dream/nightmare a few times a week, I'm exhausted xxx

  12. Hi Em,
    I have loved reading your blog, it is always so encouraging and inspiring. I too am needing reminding to go to bed earlier. I constantly stay up too late...'just trying to finish this last thing' or tidy up or relax and watch something on t.v with my hubby. As a result though, I am not so fun in the mornings and with two very active littlies on the go, I need to be! Love your beautiful dream catcher, so beautifully creative. xo Rachel


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