Saturday, December 21, 2013

my creative space: gifts and gifting

Last year, three other lovelies and I organised to do a hand made gift swap for Advent.
Each day since the first day of December, I have had a beautiful gift to open.
I worked hard to make sure those lovelies would have beautiful gifts, too.
Over a lunch together, we gathered to exchange presents, and share excitement for the coming weeks.

It has felt like Christmas every morning, unwrapping a surprise that was made with me in mind.

It makes me think of the ultimate Gift this Christmas, and the gifts that He gave too.
Those gifts that He has just waiting for us to reach out and take, to unwrap, to adorn ourselves with.
The coming year I'm planning to be a lot more vigilant at reaching out to take them.
So often I go without, despite the fact I have all I need sitting there, waiting for me to reach out and ask, or unwrap and simply give thanks.


Edited to add: I used these labels for some of my gifts and this recipe (thermomix) for salted caramel. Happy making/baking/creating xx


  1. Love the packaging for your garland, can I ask where you bought the mason jars from and how you made the salted caramel and lovel label, you are very clever


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