Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Donna Hay templates
Mugs for teachers gifts from Country Road

I've been baking like a crazy lady.
Behaving a little bit like a crazy lady, too.
The panic of introducing a whole lot of junk (ie. the trailer load of Christmas presents the grandparents will buy them) to the kids' already full-to-the-brim-no-matter-how-much-I-declutter rooms has me doing even more clearing and tidying (today, the dust bunnies, and the bits of Lego, and the Barbie shoes under the bed have been well and truly defeated). Like a crazy lady.
Then add the bags full of their school year's work that came home today, and the gazillion Christmas cards and Christmas crafts... it's hard not to get overwhelmed!

And then last night, while reading day 17 of The Greatest Gift I read this:

"The very trees of the fields are going to dance and clap their hands. The King is coming, and the new Kingdom is stirring. And stirring in you. When the King rules your world, you cease to rule or worry. All worry dethrones God. All worrying makes you King and God incompetent. There is a king born in Bethlehem and on the throne. You can breathe."

I'm reminding myself. 
To embrace a simple, authentic Christmas. Free from stressing or striving.
And to just breathe.


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  1. You have been the baking goddess this week!
    Thank you for the reminder. I'm breathing!!! 😉


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