Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a lemon seed

Seeds hold so much promise.
This seed we held in the palms of our hands had already begun to open up, and to spring out.
We planted them with the hope that in a week or two, we would see their growth pushing through the surface of the dirt. The hope they would yield two shoots, two tiny trees.
We tend them each day, with just a little bit of water and a whole lot of anticipation.
The anticipation of seeing the dark green glossy leaves of a baby lemon tree. 

It reminded me of the faith He's given me. A measure.

Tinier than a mustard seed.
That it's my job to see that faith grow. 
To tend it, to cultivate carefully to that it grows fully, and beautifully. 
Not to let the soil dry out, but keep my heart soft.
To keep this faith-life before my eyes so I don't forget. So that I can see it forming, and pull out weeds before they begin to affect my tiny seed.

I should take as much delight with the growth of my faith, that I do with the prospect of a tiny lemon tree harvest.

I should tend to my children's faith with as much care, and devotion.
And I should measure my life against itself, and only itself and know that "the only accurate way to understand myself is by what God is and by what He does for us, not by what we are and what we do for him".*

The reality is, that I don't often tend my faith-life the way that I should. 

That I'm trying to find the balance between devotion and discipline - and live an authentic spiritual life that flows out into everything I do.
I'm toying with an idea that would challenge me for the 365 days of next year to journey more into this daily devotional life. Because I've been living on bread alone lately, and I don't want to dry out*
A whole year challenge has me nervously excited and wondering if it's something I can actually do.

Tell me, do you read your Bible every day? How? Where? When?

What stops you? What spurs you? How do you decide what to read?
I need freshness in this area... and I wonder if you would want to see the journey of this discovery next year?

Much love


*Romans 12:3 (The Message Paraphrase)
**Matthew 4:4

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  1. I don't read my Bible anywhere near enough but it is my bread. God's Word is the only thing that sustains me and gets me though this journey of life and I couldn't imagine living without it. I have started doing some bible studies with Lew, 14 on the pictures of Christ in the old testament and he's loving it. So good to be reading the word more and talking with my child about the most precious thing ever. x


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