Monday, November 11, 2013

the passing thoughts

Around a month ago, when I was here with the kiddos, Daniel was injured at cricket, and spent two nights in hospital.
I felt so helpless, being so far away from him. 
Unable to be there before his surgery, or sit beside him after.
Not able to pick him up and bring him home. 

I was so moved though, when friends of ours got his car home for him, made sure he was okay. Visited him in hospital. Bought him earphones for his phone, and loaned him their charger. They reassured me they had it covered.
Something inside me is wowed, when someone goes out of their way.
Doesn't expect anything in return.
Just blesses.

I had the same feeling today when Amanda left a care package at my front gate, and a message to tell me it was there. "I just thought you might need some encouragement today"

Wowed. Blessed. Thankful.

I am often so quick to dismiss any idea I have to bless someone like this. 
Even in the smallest way - a card, a gift, something I've baked.
I often think to, and reason my way out of it.
Maybe they'll think that it's a bit silly. 
Or maybe it's a bit inconvenient; and that really, will my tiny act of kindness or thoughtfulness possibly be of any significance?

It's a yes, always a yes! And today reminded me.

I'm reminded that I can make others feel the way I felt today, opening my bag of sweet, thought-filled delights. That the slight inconvenience of a longer drive home, or a little bit longer in the kitchen, or a little bit extra spent on groceries can impact the heart of someone who really just might need some encouragement that day. The way I did today.

I'm determined that the next passing thought I have to bless someone, won't be passing without action.



  1. What a lovely package to receive and you're right... small random acts of kindness are just as appreciated as larger offers of help/care x

  2. that is just so lovely! i love random acts of kindness when people are just going through a tough time! beautiful package too!


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