Monday, November 18, 2013

sense of achievement

Remember once I told you I'm not much of a doer?

I'm getting better. 

A combination of the realisation that 'dreams don't work unless you do', and the numbers three and zero that loom not so far off in the distance, has kicked in part of a 'doer' in me that I hadn't realised yet existed.

A month ago, in the lead up to my twenty-ninth birthday, I began compiling a bucket list of sorts in my mind. 

There was no way I'd be writing it down. I'm just a dreamer, remember? I didn't want to look back on a list I'd made no progress on a year from now!
One of those things, however, was my fitness.
I'd had a conversation the week prior with a friend studying to be a physical education teacher. When she asked me how I was, my honest reply of oh my goodness I am just so tired, and tired of being tired and exhausted and gosh motherhood is hard work.
She bluntly asked me if I was exercising at all.
I bake, and eat baked goods, and drink a lot of tea. There's no time for exercise.
Cue, encouraging conversation about the fact you only need 15 minutes per day.
And the benefits of such fifteen minutes. Increased energy being one of them.
I could really do with increased energy!
And fifteen minutes doesn't sound that hard to find.
So, I actually got determined.
I downloaded an app (there are probably many out there, this is just the one I found!).
I began on a Monday. 
I got up, stretched, spent 15 minutes looking rather foolish in my pjs and sneakers on the rug in the lounge room.
I carried on with my day.
On Tuesday morning I woke up. Stretched. Spent another rather silly 15 minutes jumping around doing squats and other such crazy things.
On Wednesday afternoon my husband was surprised to hear that I'd completed day three.
He gave me a week; he knows the dreamer in me... but had never met this new doer!

I was tempted to blog the goal. Tell everyone. 

I didn't. I still didn't trust myself. 
I only shared it with a close friend, who applauded me when I'd completed Monday to Friday.
I gave myself the weekend off and guess what? The following Monday I was back to the determination to continue my new routine. 

It's been a month.
I've exercised 15 minutes every week day in that month. I give myself weekends off.
I started running with the help of another app.
I've run four times. I hated running. Now I'm starting to like it.
I like seeing results too, and I'm actually starting to see them.
I feel like I have a bit more energy, and I'm eating healthier.
And the sense of achievement actually feels better than what I've achieved so far.
The realisation that I can actually do something that I set my mind to!

All this to say... if I can set a goal and stick to it for this long, YOU can too!


** Photo above was taken in the school holidays at the Water Labyrinth, Forest Place in Perth. Joel absolutely loves darting around in there not getting wet!

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  1. Hi Em, I'm not sure I've ever commented but I have been following your blog for few months now.
    I'm also not much of a doer, a dreamer yes, but a always seem to doubt myself and get cold feet. I downloaded the same app a few weeks ago with ideas of fun runs next year and maybe marathons the next. I have yet to start. So congratulation on your first month from one dreamer to another.
    Kate xx


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