Tuesday, October 1, 2013

creative little souls

In the glow of yesterday's late afternoon, I took a basket and my girls to pick some wax flowers I had seen last week. 
I sat down on the front deck with my twine and some wire to make some small wreaths and was soon joined by three little people. They dug in, cut twine, collected more flowers and we sat making and creating outside until the spring air got too cold. 

I try my hardest to foster creativity in my children.
Paper and crayons, textas, pencils, glue and scissors are always within reach.
They often raid my drawers for sticky tape, or twine, or the stapler. 
I try hard to say yes to the not-so-within-reach supplies (the paint and glitter!) more often than I say no. 
And I think it has worked. They are often making, drawing or creating something. 

The other week it was puppets out of drawings they had done (by sticky-taping skewers they pinched from the kitchen drawer to the backs). Then it was paper crowns. Then it was feather headbands. 

They forage and fossick for supplies in the garden, and will use nuts and leaves and shells to stick and glue and make. Often with no direction from me at all.

I've written about it before, my need to create. 
Partly for the outcome, but so much for the process. 
The gathering of supplies, the excitement and anticipation of the journey towards the vision in my mind. Even if it's something small, like this wreath.
And I love watching the smalls do the same journey. The idea, the gathering, sometimes the frustration when things don't go to plan, the flexibility in deviating from that plan.
And the delight they take in the final product. 

It doesn't take much to foster creative little souls. Paper, pencils.
Flowers, twine. Amie spent a long time just stacking those flowers, and then putting tiny rosemary leaves into each one. Not much mess, lots of fun. Creativity. Little creatives.
Do you let your kiddos run wild and free with the glitter? Or are paper and pencils more your thing?



  1. This was so great! Love the photos and encouragement to create!

  2. A lovely post. I too try to say 'yes' as often as I can to the glitter and paint, knowing how exciting it is for little ones to use. My oldest daughter loves creating and art... not a day goes past when there hasn't been a creation of some sort. Working away side by side on our projects is one of my favourite things we do, something I need to make more time for... xx


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