Sunday, September 22, 2013

weekly stills

We had moments of sunshine between showers this week.
iPad time is limited to only tiny amounts since our week without and the floor is again covered in Lego and Uno cards.
I have chicken and vegetable soup bubbling on the stove to help ward off sniffles and coughs that seem to be clinging on along with Winter; today is stormy and cold. 
We head in to our last week of term 3, and I am ready for school holidays, spring sunshine, lazy afternoons and a little trip south. 

This week:

1. Succulents in the sunshine
2. Afternoon tea - nonstop feeding these kiddos. Non. Stop.
3. Our baking this week. We filled a container with tiny honey biscuits. Perfect for lunch boxes. 
4. Sunny afternoons, trips to Bunnings for seedlings, and exploring in the garden.
5. Dirty feet, and bare legs. Bring on summer!
6. He reads. I am doing everything I can to encourage his love for the written word. 


Lazily linking up with the other lovely Em here.


  1. Love those tiny bikkies - they look perfect
    We do everything to encourage reading too - a life long love affair hopefully

  2. These are all lovely - but I think the last is my very favourite! Fabulous - hope you have a great last week of term! xx

  3. magnifying glass shot is fabulous xxxxx

  4. I love the sneaky gap in the door shot. A lot of fun and inquisitive moments, lovely. Holly.x

  5. Just found your lovely blog through Em at The Beetle Shack - so glad I did :)

  6. I just found your lovely blog through The Beetle Shack - so glad I did :)

  7. What a beautiful collection. We, too, do everything we can to encourage a love of reading, but it is getting harder with our eldest, keep it up x

  8. I am starting a love affair with succulents! Love those bikkies too!

  9. Those tiny biscuits are adorable! Gorgeous photos xx


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