Monday, September 2, 2013

the unseen, the ever important

You might not be able to see what I've done today.
The day's dishes still adorn the sink, and that dust didn't get wiped clean. 
Neither did the windows.
The laundry basket is full, and the cupboard almost empty.
What I've been busy with today you won't be able to see with your eyes.

And I need to remind myself on those days that I don't progress through the to-do list as quickly as I'd like, that it's the things I don't tick off that are the most important.

The invisible words of affirmation that the kids crave.

The supportive, encouragement that my husband needs.
The setting of mood, and atmosphere in our home, and where ever we are.
The quality time; the making bracelets with the time-craving five year old, and sitting and playing cafe with the attention-needing three year old. 
Making space for the boy to spend quality time with his dad, uninterrupted.
The teaching of letters (she can do E-for-Eden's and upside down A-for-Amie's).
The conscious slowing down, and picking flowers, and really seeing.
Cuddles, and the stroking of heads, and the listening ears to long winded stories about Lego ships and bad guys.
The understanding, and the coaching, and the responding.
The speaking kindly, and the biting my tongue, and the under-the-breath prayers.

It's all invisible; the unseen. 

The crucial, the necessary. The hard work. 
The weight carrying, ever important. 

The things that aren't so visibly evident, but are felt, and known nevertheless.

I need to remind myself not to be disappointed when the house doesn't look the way I would like it to.
I need to fix my eyes on what's unseen.*

If your dishes are still in your sink, or you didn't find the extra five hours you needed to get everything done, I hope you are reminded of the kind words you spoke, the smile you gave - or even the way you controlled your tongue and didn't say the not-so-nice things that first came to mind. They are the most important. They are the eternal.


*2 Corinthians 4:18


  1. What an absolutely beautiful post, so true, so simple and yet so very, very difficult.
    cheers Kate

  2. So so true
    I needed to hear this today with an overflowing laundry, unswept floor and at least 9 readings of "tiddler" and "what the lady bird heard"

  3. oh so so so so so so true - and timely. thank you x

  4. So good Em, great reminder for this worn out Mumma x

  5. I so agree I berate myself at times for not having the perfect house. But lately I have been thinking about 'where my treasure is' -what is the point in having a perfect house but not the heart and love that more importantly should make a home! Thanks for your lovely post.

  6. Gorgeous! Dishes and housework can wait. Kids don't. They grow up! Great job mama!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you xx

  8. Beautifully written and a beautiful message xx


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