Saturday, September 14, 2013

spring bucket list

I've been compiling a bit of a to-do list in my head lately (when am I not?!).
Things I need desperately to do, other things I would just love to try.
I scribbled a few of them down this afternoon, as a 'spring bucket list'; a compilation of things I would like to do before summer is upon us, bringing with it it's own list of to-do's.

We had a sleep over in the playroom last night, the five of us, as requested by the smalls.
Mattresses and blankets and pillows, and a cold, stormy night, Daniel and I joined sleeping kiddos on the floor. Sleepy, happy faces greeted us this morning, so delighted to find us there with them. 
And today we enjoyed a lazy Saturday.
I have eaten too much, and done too little.

I can, however check one off of my to-do list, one of those things I've been putting off for a long time. The girls' room.

I cleared out drawers, bagged up old, and too-small clothes, and even all those clothes that I like but they will never wear. The ruthless in me rose to the surface, and out went every unnecessary item.
The desire to live a more simple, uncluttered life won over the need to hoard "just in case" things. Things. They're just things, after all.

I can see the top of each of the girls chests of drawers, and I feel like I can breathe again, when I walk into their bedroom.

Spring clean - check!

Next, I'm looking forward to checking off a few of the more fun items on my list - have you tried yoga? Is there anything you'd love to do as we move into the next season? 

Write a list! Lets do it together!
I hope you've had the happiest of Saturdays.


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  1. I love this post because it is so similar to me and my thought processes now that spring is here, eager to do more and accomplish things (although today's wintery weather saw me do little more than keep warm beside the heater!) One of the priorities on my list is beginning to compile some photo albums, taking the precious photos of precious moments I've captured off our computer and into books to be enjoyed and flicked through.

    P.S I love your vintage classic novels... I too have that Anne of Green Gables copy and your Enid Blyton belongs to the same set I'm collecting for my girls :)


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