Friday, September 6, 2013

for all of these - gut-wrenchingly grateful

We think he is pretty great.
So great, in fact, that we woke him up early on Father's Day to tell him.
They showered him with hand made goodness, and treats they had made at school, and he ate the soggy weet-bix they made (with love, and not one bicker between them) bleary eyed and still waking up.
He requested a home made sponge, and I complied

I think he is pretty amazing. 
He carries the weight of responsibility for our household, yet he is able to shrug off that weight before he walks in the door, ready for play.
He's bombarded the second their ears register the sound of the garage door, and they run from wherever they are, yelling "Daaaaadddddyyyyyy!!"
If someone's not running, someone else will remind them, "DAD'S HOME!" as if to say, hey! I see you sitting there! This is important, you should be excited! 
And off they all run to meet him.
I watch this scene from the kitchen, where I am usually in the middle of either cooking, or cleaning up post-cooking mess.
He sits to take his boots off. Joel almost always trying to show him something excitedly, Eden with her Uno cards asking if he would pleeeeeeeassse play Uno with her, and Amie hugging his arm, making boot laces difficult to untie.

He juggles them as best he can, sharing in Joel's exciting news, telling Eden to deal the cards and he'll play in just a sec, and picking up that clingy babe and giving her a squeezy hug and a tickle. 

One of them will look up, through the window with happy, dancing eyes to where I am, "Look mum! Dad's home!"

He'll always come past to kiss me, on his way to the laundry to dump his cement-coated socks. 
And I relax, just a little (okay, a LOT) knowing that his two extra hands are there to help.

Its such a normal, every day occurrence, but writing it here, re-living it long after those three smalls have closed their eyes for the day... makes me realise it's not forever. 

And it's these little treasures in life that are worth holding on to.
That these moments are the ones to be gut-wrenchingly grateful for.
He's home. There is a he. They love him. There is a they.
Thank you, thank you God for all of these. 


PS - I don't usually edit any of my photos. But these are edited with a VSCO preset in Lightroom. Better? Worse? Any thoughts appreciated. I really have no idea what I'm doing x


  1. I read this with such admiration for your man and for mine who sounds so similar. And it gave me happy tears to be blessed with such wonderful men as the daddies to our little people!! :) Blessings to you! So cool he lets you photograph him too! haha! Not sure my hubby would comply ;)

  2. Beautiful photos of your cute little family.
    You have summed up what family life is all about. x

  3. OMGosh you just described our household! (minus one child, which will be changing in about 5 months!) Here's to being oh so thankful and grateful for AMAZING Dads!

  4. I was thinking as I looked over the pics - wow your photo skills are getting even better - so I like what you have used!! Love the memories you capture in both pics and words! There to be treasured and read over for all your life (and theirs) - you are talented Em!

  5. I love the 'dad's home' moments!

    gorgeous photos!


    ps photos look great!

  6. I love the 'dad's home' moment!

    Your photos look great!

    x Tash

  7. so much like my house, cept my 3rd is 6 weeks old. we are blessed among women.


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