Tuesday, September 10, 2013

breathe fresh air, little ones

It's amazing how reliant on technology (aka "The iPad") I've become. 
I can blame the kids all I like, but it's me who turns a blind eye when they're cosied up on the couch together watching all things ABC iView, when I need to get dinner started. 
It's me who allows it to be used as a lazy, easy distraction for nagging, whinging kids before bedtime, or any other time I have my hands full, or other things to do.
I've been aware of it for some time now, but not willing to voice this awareness for fear I'd then be held accountable. 

The addiction to easy entertainment meant they were lazy themselves. 
Everything else was considered 'too hard' when the lure of endless Peppa Pig episodes was there. 
And even though I set boundaries, and often kicked them outside, I haven't been strict enough, and their reliance on being spoon-fed easy boredom-busters meant they were often back on the couch and flying under my radar. 
When did I get so lazy?!

After some yukky behaviour from the biggest over the weekend, which resulted in a weeks "grounding" from said iPad (or my phone, or daddy's phone, or anything he can play any form of game on) I've decided it was the best time to kick my lazy butt into setting some firm boundaries.
And to start, it's an iPad free week for everyone. And perhaps another one next week.

I want them to rediscover their love of building cubbies with blankets, collecting nature's treasures outside, and the simple joys of colouring or painting. 
I want them to face boredom head-on, and use their creativity to find something to occupy their time.
I want them to fall in love with reading books, climbing trees and riding bikes.
Not to mention actually play with the room full of toys they own. 

I'm determined. 
With steely resolve, I have decided that's it! for the iPad and all it's lure.
And with beautiful spring weather upon us, there are no more excuses for heading outdoors and filling lungs with fresh air. 

To make it easier (especially at times of excessive whingy boredom) I'm arming myself with some wisdom:

1. It all flows from us. We must resolve to be present in the moment too. Phones away for the Mr and I.
2. Provide activities to occupy them at cooking dinner time: get a boardgame out of the cupboard, or the playdoh out.
3. Involve them in what I am doing (for example, I armed Amie with a spray bottle and cloth and she "helped" me clean the bathroom this morning). This could include helping with dinner (chopping or stirring, or fetching the ingredients)
4. Set an example and get outside myself... my garden is already thanking me for it, bye weeds!
5. Take a trip to the library for new reading inspiration
6. Set out crafts - even if it's only the watercolour paints

Any other tips for keeping kids somewhat tv/device free are very welcome!

Breath fresh air, little ones. Run, dance, paint, read. 
Lets learn to live right here, and live it well.


P.S - Amie wears amazing wings hand made by my beautiful friend Tammi for her birthday. Aren't they lovely?!


  1. The wings are amazing!! I've pinned something similar a long time ago and would LOVE to make a pair for my daughters!!
    The post.... well, it's very similar to life here on too many days of the week!
    I feel like running a survey of what our mothers and grandmothers did with us!
    We have a few activities that are boxed away here... so Miss Daisy gets them out when she's over all the other toys etc. A cutting box, Puzzle box, Watercolour paints, Mosaic pegboard etc.. these are only to come out when the baby is asleep so they're special to her! This helps me when it's a moment I'd love to hand over the iPad... but I'm with you...it's hard!! We're becoming very reliant on them!! I also find if I'm feeling like I want them to 'leave me alone' a little if I get some outside jobs done like the washing, gardening etc they'll either help or be happy to play outside solo and leave me alone to get things done a little!!

  2. Get out the button collection, if you have one- sorting into colours, making words and scenes.
    Making fairy or dinasaur gardens.
    Chalk drawing on the concrete.
    Planting some vegie or herb seeds/seedlings.

    Yes the allure of the laptop here can get a bit much at times. Instead of looking at all the creative makings of others I should be getting in there and making/sewing/baking myself.

  3. Great post! I'm a big believer in the benefits of little ones spending as much time as possible outdoors too... nothing like screen free time to encourage creativity!


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