Wednesday, August 7, 2013

tea with me {guest post by Sunday Peach}

I had asked a few lovelies that I tea with regularly if they'd guest post for me.

I told them, "just write a 'tea with me' post for me, about what it's like from your perspective". I thought that would be fun.
My first guest post was at the end of last year by Tammi.
This one is written by another heart-sister, someone I couldn't imagine living without. She wrote it at the beginning of the year, after she'd moved, when we had discovered that tea-ing from afar actually wasn't all that bad, and that our friendship couldn't change, even with distance. 
Peach is working on a website (and hurry up with that thing, girl, you have way too much to offer the world!) currently, but 'till then, you can find her on Instagram, as @sundaypeach. xx

If I was to tea with Em today we would do so over the phone. 
I would be sitting on the balcony of my newly acquired home in the summery evening air. There would be stars galore, I would hear the sweet chirps of birds nesting for the night and the distant clink of wine glasses and cheer coming from a nearby neighbour. 
She used to be my neighbour once.
My favourite one.

But now at this moment we would be chatting and tea-ing with 250kms in between us.
I would imagine her sitting there, in the kitchen I painted when I was 6 months pregnant with number 3. I would know her own three are tucked up in their beds. Rooms my own 3 have slept in. I would grow great comfort in knowing that my home is now her home...ready for a fresh start, a new chapter with new occupants. 
The house that would speak of us is now theirs. It's strange but good. 
It's still home because she is there. 
I would remember how my heart would leap, (and still does) each time I hear them say 'Aunty Peachy'.. 

I would know how she looks as she says certain things even though I can't see her face. 
I would see in her sound the way her eyes grow wide and lips press together as she listens with all her heart. 
But I would zone out for a moment of conversation just to hear her sweet sing-song voice and how something about it soothes my soul and fills my heart. 

I would yearn to see what she's been making, the little corners she's been tweaking and tinkering about in like a little sprite. I would want to ask her what she's been reading lately? And if we don't get caught up talking of other things I know she would tell me and add in all the juicy bits The Lord has been speaking to her through it. And she would inspire me. 

She would ignite within me something He is already doing or wants to do. 
And I would share some fears, some hopes, some dreams..about the future of me and my family down here in the south. And I would get excited about what He would have us do for Him.. And she would share in that same excitement. 

I would be reminded of the many times I have imagined her standing in front of hundreds and talking, sharing, reaching. I would imagine her name up the top of an editorial article for a cool new mag or publication and I feel the swell of pride knowing it was something she was born to do and something I always knew she could.

And then would come the time where my hubby would wander out and give me the 'what? You're still on the phone.?!' Kind of look. We would linger a little longer and squeeze in every last little bit we could. At that moment I would wish I could jump down the phone and hug her. We say goodbye. 

I'd carry my empty teacup back to the kitchen and wish that the next cup we have could be in person. I would check my calendar and see when the next likely date that could happen might be. But I would also smile in knowing that the spontaneity of the both of us means that it could possibly happen sooner anyway. 

And I'd slip into bed happy, re-fueled and not lonely. 
Because we are still us, her and me. 
And sisters-by-heart don't come by everyday.


teacups too

So, tea is meant to be shared with heart-sisters like her.
And I'd love to share a cup with you too!
All you have to do is use the linky below to link to a blog post. 
You can use the icon above to share in your blog post too (but you don't have to!)
Share what's on your heart over a cuppa, I look forward to sitting with you! 


  1. Beautifully written with so much love.

  2. Such a gorgeous, heartwarming post! Peach - I'm looking forward to your website, your words are so beautiful! Em - it's so lovely to 'meet' you through the eyes of a friend!

  3. Hey I can't see the linky? The post above is just beautiful. What a soulful piece of writing.

    1. The linky is up now, there is one post linked up... hope you can see it now Sarah? xxxx

  4. Really beautiful and worth having a quick peek and a quick hello for. Thanks you two ladies far across our land. How fun to know we will meet up in heaven (if not before, stranger things have happened!) Keep on shining xx


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