Tuesday, August 27, 2013

down deep

I've been thinking lately about what it means to be 'rooted' in something.
Every now and then I get struck by a serious case of wanderlust, and my feet itch, and I dream crazy dreams of our family packing up and moving to a far away place, and living an adventure. 
But for now, I'm planted here
I have no doubt in my mind that adventures await us, when the time is right, but for now the adventure is here. The lessons for the journey are here. 
And I think the act of being planted, rooted, applies to so many areas of our lives.
If we allow ourselves to be planted, and let our roots grow down deep, we flourish.*
Not just in a church, where we are nourished, and tended and cared for, and allowed room to make mistakes, and grow spiritually.
But in relationships, in creativity, in our passions, in our friendships, in our marriages. 
Some of us are forever moving, never actually growing. 
Moving from one thing to the next, one passion to another, one friendship to someone else.
None of the things we move from are ever really allowed to grow. Some things may form shallow roots, but at any sign of trial or difficulty we move on, unwilling to put down roots and work hard at staying and persevering.
But our troubles seem to follow us and we trudge around the mountain and around again, forever trying to find something that will bring contentment.
I know this because I've been there, in that mountain trudging. Years ago we built and sold houses. Built and sold, built and sold. Each new house brought with it new excitement, fresh paint, and tiles and a new location. But the excitement never lasted long before I was looking for the next thing to make me happy. I never let myself sink roots of contentment down in my home.
It wasn't until all was lost, did I begin to realise I was looking in the wrong direction for that peace and contentment my soul had been searching for. And it wasn't in the stuff.
And it still isn't.
I'm learning to sink roots deep where I am.
I yearn for adventure, yet I know this place holds the key to those adventures, so I allow myself to grow. I sink deep roots in my family, I let friendships grow beyond the surface, beyond tests or troubles. I plant myself and hope to flourish in the house of God, even after I discover it isn't perfect, and is filled with imperfect people.**
I think growing those strong roots will flourish my heart and life with the good fruit of relationships, and true contentment.
And one day, a strong, flourishing me will be set on course for faraway places.

*Psalm 92:13
**I, being one of them


{these photos were taken on a mini getaway this weekend with a gorgeous group of girls I am so grateful to do life with}

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  1. Oh my goodness, yes and amen. I needed this. By the way, hello, I'm Andrea :)


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