Tuesday, July 9, 2013

winter, and its sunshine

The first day of school holidays, our two week break. No rushing, no going, no doing. 

When the sky and the ocean made a patchwork of blue above us, and we were the only ones in the world beneath it. And the winter sun was warm on our faces, and we discarded scarves and let our toes feel sand and sea.

I leaned into the sunshine and closed my eyes and said silent thanks for this place. 
Not only this place of sand and sea, this place of contentment in me. 



  1. I'm loving the slow pace of holidays too - but our blue skies are icier than yours!
    I love the image of you leaning into the sunshine

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful words. We were at the beach at the weekend and also found crabs... and brought the same cups to drink from - it made me do a double take!

  3. We start our time off next week. You remind me to enjoy it consciously.

  4. Thank God for holidays...He knows we all need some rest!

  5. Beautiful pictures, beautiful place. I just can't get over that these are winter pictures....they could be our summer shots! Enjoy the time together and relaxed pace of the holidays! Fiona xo

  6. My fav beach! I love going there summer or winter, it's so quiet! And only a little walk from car to sand so you don't need to struggle with the inevitable beach gear! Thanks for reminding me because I haven't been for awhile...


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