Wednesday, July 17, 2013

we're still friends, right?

Ever have those friendships where, when you don't see each other often, or it's been a while, it feels a little awkward? A little strained?
All of a sudden you realise they don't know a whole lot about your life lately, and you don't even know where to begin, or even if you can? And the place where words seemed to flow effortlessly, and down deep, they seem to just pool on the surface, and sit stagnant. 
And you wonder how they feel about you, if they love you as before. And really, you know, that if you just spent a little quality time, you'd get straight back to where you were before, with those running deep words.
Blogging feels a little bit like that for me at the moment, and I'm vowing to spend a little quality time here.
Still love me?


PS We have been having the most lovely school holidays. The mornings have been slow, and lazy, and I'm soaking in my ability to join in their games, and simply play. We've been bowling, and made gingerbread, and spent lots of time outside (when it hasn't been raining).
The rest of the week will be party preparations for a certain baby of mine who is turning three


  1. Well said...and yes...still love you!

  2. Oh I totally still love you Em! Sounds like you are having so much fun holidaying with your kids! Those cookies look yum xx

  3. Just discovered your blog through your IG account... so nice to 'meet' another fellow Perth blogger... will look forward to more of your posts. We've been enjoying the holiday break too and relaxed routine of lazy slow mornings x

  4. You are beautiful. Those gingerbread cookies look yummy and gorgeous.


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