Sunday, July 28, 2013

this week

1. We introduced the biggest two to Uno this week. It's love
2. Prepping that goldy coloured wall in our lounge for a paint facelift. Excitement!
3. Finding healthy snacks is a constant struggle. This boy is a nut fiend, and pistachios keep him happily busy
4. Finally spent a Bed, Bath & Table birthday voucher on a cable knit throw
5. Trying my hand at propagating weeny little succulents from my big overgrown mass. This one has survived a few weeks, making it possibly successful?
6. Afternoon winter sun in our bedroom
7. Lunch at Gusto - delicious calamari - with two old besties, sans kids. Best.
8. We had a sick little last night, resulting in tag-team sleep with the husband, and missing church. Tummy bug seems to have subsided, at least enough to take a quick bike ride this afternoon (and sneak in a coffee at our little local cafe)

Joining up with Em 


  1. Oh we have Uno love too!
    Your bedroom looks beautiful in that light

  2. That lunch looks absolutely divine! Hope that tummy bug doesn't linger about :( How lovely is that afternoon winter sun...

    Sophie xo

  3. We're also Uno fans :) Sorry to hear about the sickness. Hope you're all feeling better soon. I love the sunlight on the bedroom!

  4. I can't wait til my kid is old enough to play Uno - I loved it as a kid! Kellie xx
    PS Hope you all get more sleep tonight!

  5. Hi there, popping in from The Beetle two (9 and 7) love UNO. Love seeing your collection of photos from the week....appreciating everyday life. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. Uno is such a great game for kids. Our 6 year old loves it and it has become a Friday night tradition. Hope you have a better week. H x

  7. I'm so glad i found your blog. a gem. over from stills and lovin finding you and the blog

  8. oh Uno! I must remember that and get a set for the next birthday, I'm sure my boys will love it as well!
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  9. Gorgeous pictures this week, thank you for sharing. I'm finding time to browse through The Beetle Shack linky and loving what I find. I especially like the image of relaxing legs on a soft lounge as the world (and your sweet girl) blurs by.
    Bella xx

  10. Oh my little succulent <3 <3 <3

  11. Such beautiful sunlight coming into your home. x

  12. All lovely - especially the winter sun! :)


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