Friday, July 5, 2013

these are those days

These are the days we'll remember.
We'll remember faintly how hard it was, how busy we were, and how overwhelming it could be. And just like we look back now and wonder how we survived each newborn, each financial difficulty, each move, each mortgage, we'll wonder then, how we juggled three littles, his full time work; the business, the house, and our studies.

These warm memories will serve to remind us how far we have come, and how hard we worked. They will form part of our testimony, our journey.

We will reminisce with a sense of pride, and gratitude, and think about how we grew strong together, and marvel at the Grace we had that saw us through.

I am proud of us. There was a time when anxiety clouded our view of the future. It is so nice to be able to see clearly again. So refreshing to see hope in his eyes, vision, passion for the future.
We are working hard. He, especially.*
So thankful.


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  1. Em you could not have said it better! this is the time in our lives, whilst old enough to take calculated risks and young enough to do it all...and then when older we can look back and say "oh remember when..." with fondness of the fact that no rock was left unturned! All your adventures sound amazing. Bless you all xx

  2. Thank you for writing this, so needed to remember this today x

  3. so well written and beautiful♥


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