Thursday, July 25, 2013

the lost are found

Remember this iPod? 
The one she saved and waited so patiently for?
Maybe we stopped valuing it as much as we should have, or maybe it was a one off accident, but a few months ago, there was no sign of it.
All of a sudden, I realised it was good and properly lost. 
Over the coming weeks, I would remember from time to time it's lostness, internally "ugh" at the annoyance of such lostness, and cringe at the thought of the cost of replacement. 
I'd look in junk drawers, and special hidey places, and glove boxes when I'd remember, to no avail.
It was really, really lost.

Then we hunted one weekend, under couches and beds, and car seats and behind drawers. 
We found Squinkies, and toast crust, and Lego (oh, lego) but no iPod.

Today, Amie pulled out the box of Barbies from under the bed and my heart leaped with hope! Of course! It would be in there! 
So the search resumed. 
I re-looked under couches and beds, and car seats and behind drawers.
Other than dust up my nose, nothing.

When Eden got home and asked, "Mum, what did you do today?" and I told her, she began to hunt too, as only a five year old can. For five minutes and promptly gave up.
"It's really, really lost isn't it?" She buried her face in my lap, defeated.
I, against my better judgement, (because it was really lost, and had been for a long time, and I had hunted all day) suggested we pray.

God, Eden's iPod is really special to her. She saved up for a long time for it, and we would really like to find it. We are asking if you could please show us where it is. We are praying that we can find it in the next few days. Maybe even give Eden a dream tonight and show her, or give her a clue for where it could be hiding. We pray it isn't gone forever. We know that you care about what Eden cares about, and that you want good things for her. We are asking for your help God, please.  

Eden said her 'Amen' a little bit sadly and said, "I really hope that prayer comes true".

I went to the kitchen, collected the recycling and took it to the outside bin. 
After I dumped it, walking back towards the house, I went to the car.
I don't know why I went to the car. I don't know why I checked the pocket behind the passenger seat. 
I knew it only held the street directory, because I'd looked there, a million times. 
It was one of the more obvious places. 
But I did look, again. And my jaw hit the floor. Tucked there, as if it had been there all along (had it?!), was that sneaky little iPod.
And I was still turning it over in my hand in disbelief as I walked towards the house.
A quiet "whaaaaaaaaattt the?" escaped from my lips, and even now I am having trouble believing it. 

I know He answers prayers. He has answered before.
But so directly, so immediately?! Never!
I've spent months looking for that iPod, hoping, in each new place, that I would discover it's whereabouts. With no luck!
And after one prayer, one quick, passing prayer, voila!

And it's just an iPod. A replaceable thing. 
But it showed just how much He cares about the things that are dear to our hearts.*
And a certain five year old won't be forgetting that in a hurry.


*Luke 12:6-7


  1. Oh my goodness Em, I have goose bumps!! He really is good isn't He? Ants and I have been mulling over a life changing decision and I decided just this morning to hand it over to God knowing he would give me some sort of sign that we were on the right track. I have not read blogs in a long while and well here I am.

    This reminds me of the incident of me losing my wedding ring before we left NZ for our new life in Aussie. The last place I had it was at my parents but I always took it off before showering. One day it just disappeared and no amount of searching high and low accounted for it. It was with a very heavy heart that I left without it on my finger. Four weeks to the day after our arrival in Brisbane my Nana passed away and we made the trek back for her tangi. One of my Aunties entrusted me with an antique ring of my Nana's that had belonged to her mother. I was overjoyed! That first night I took Nana's ring off and placed it in the compartment between the front seats of the car we had borrowed and the next morning when I went to get it that too had vanished. I was beside myself as you can well imagine. We pulled that car apart (remember it was a car we had borrowed from Ants's family) took out all our luggage and preceded to once again hunt high and low for a missing ring. You will never believe what happened. We never did find Nana's ring but low and behold, in the pocket of the seat behind the passenger seat was my wedding ring!! We still can't explain how my wedding ring ended up in a car that didn't belong to us two months after I had lost it. I felt awful having to tell my family that I had lost such a precious family heirloom but their response was that my Nana wanted me to have my ring back. It still gives me goose bumps to think back to that day and even though I didn't know it then, I know now that Prayers really are answered.

    Oh Edie, I am so happy for you. I am happy that not only did you find your iPod but that God revealed to you just how good He is!!

    Tammi xx

  2. What an amazing story! I think your 5 year old, and you, will remember this for a long time. It's so humbling to realize that God cares about what we do....even the little things! Fiona xoxo

  3. Em...sometimes God just works in mysterious ways, and He knew that you'd worked hard and trying to find it without Him, that He showed you sooner that you'd like to think. I love this story, and I the little prayer you and Eden made to make it all happen.

  4. perfect story! hope you don't mind that I shared your tale with a beautiful friend at church yesterday after she was telling me about her dad's experience during the week - an 80 year old friend of his was most upset after losing her wedding ring and turning her house upside down to find it, immediately he got on his knees and asked God for guidance. God led him to look outside on her driveaway but with no success he returned inside where God told him to look again and there was the ring under his parked car! God is so good! xx


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