Wednesday, July 24, 2013

quiet whimsy

We have just finished celebrating 'birthday week'.
Family celebrations on the weekend, cupcakes with her daycare friends, and today, a special morning tea with her favourite little people. 
If I'm honest, I'll be glad if I never bake another 'basic vanilla cake' with buttercream icing again. 
And while I'm high-fiving my mothering capabilities, and the fact that my kids got off to their first day back for term 3 without a hitch, I am tired.
And I fear that if I am to continue to wear my supermum cape I will continue to be this tired!
And I wonder, does everybody keep on top of everything all the time?
Because I'll be the first to admit, I enjoy a tidy house. I like running my eye along perfectly made beds, and decorative cushions perched perfectly atop them. I love nothing more than sitting in a clean kitchen and admiring a shiny floor.
But to keep it this way, it is such hard work
And most days I miss out on enjoying any quiet whimsy. 
Simply flicking through a magazine or browsing some of my favourite bloggy people, or reading a book just because I want to are luxuries I'll often not allow myself for preference of "just doing this" first. 
And there is always another "this" to be done. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to find somewhere cosy, and 'waste' a little bit of time. 
Are you a do-er? Or an enjoy-er? I'm trying to find my place somewhere in between.



  1. It's such a hard one, isn't it? I'm like you, I enjoy a tidy house and so it feels like there's not a lot of down time. At the moment I'm also trying to establish our garden and plant trees and get everything sorted in the paddocks. The list is relentless and I'm tired most days but I'm hoping there'll be time for some down time soon??? I also homeschool my son but I feel like that's pretty cruisey compared to so many school mums who have to have kids up and ready in the mornings. I would find that a challenge to add that to my day, that's for sure:) So hope you find a little rest today and that cosy place to chill and read and dream xx

  2. I enjoy a tidy, clean house but dislike cleaning.and even though its just the two of us here the cleaning never seems to end- will be crazy with kids.
    in my dream home, so many of the features are to reduce cleaning- no glass shower screens, black grout, polished concrete floors, streamlined sinks/benches.

  3. Can you guess what I am??? Lol

  4. guess what? Being a do-er will create a whole lot of wonderful memories for your loved ones and kiddies. Their photo albums will be filled with buttercream cakes and their heads with a whole lot of stories to tell. Yes, being a mum you get tired, it's one of the hardest jobs, if not THE hardest job on the planet. Keep up all those memory making moments. And going to bed one hour earlier always helped me, and also having one day of the weekend without commitment (except for church) always kept our sanity.



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