Sunday, June 23, 2013

weekends are for...

/ weet-bix
/ lazy mornings in pj's, games of memory
/ home made babycinos with sprinkles
/ folding endless piles of washing, and noting my love of wintery knits
/ coffee, frothy goodness, and watching the rain
/ leaving the kids to their own devices out on our back table (meant artwork - and mess galore)
/ pumpkin scones fresh from the oven, with lashings of butter

We also were lucky enough to have a rare visit from my mother-in-law who has been super busy lately. She spent the day loving on the kiddos, and we were even able to sneak off for a couple of hours to have a coffee together and watch Brad Pitt save the world.
For tea, we bought Indian from a new little restaurant around the corner, and had leftover butter chicken for Sunday lunch. 
Late Sunday afternoon finds us watching grey skies, rugged up inside. 

Weekend love. 

Joining up with Em's Stills Collection.



  1. Your photos are always so pretty Em. x

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! New follower here. Love reading your posts. Xx

  3. Mmm, pumpkin scones! Lovely pics!

  4. Your weekend looks colourful, messy, yummy and fun - just how we like them!!

  5. Oh that art table! Heaven! We managed some glitter art on the grass (for easy excess shake off) just before the rain hit. Have a lovely week!

    Sophie xo

  6. love this post. you take such wonderful photos! i still can't get over that you are in the middle of winter and i'm in the middle of summer. so funny! what a small world. :)

  7. Such pretty photos! The folding of washing is the story of my life right now, it really is never ending. But I do love your knits. So happy to stop by your blog and I am now following you! x

  8. So beautiful! I love all the gorgeous creative details and you've very much inspired me to make a batch of pumpkin scones.
    Sophie x

  9. Thank God, Brad Pitt saved the world..again? Lots of fun happening at your house!

  10. I have a love of wintery knits too. What a lovely weekend, and what wonderfully creative children.

  11. A wonderful weekend summed up perfectly in images. Yay for wintery knits, paints and pumpkin scones!

  12. Sounds wonderful! And a little getaway sounds heavenly :)

  13. What a lovely weekend! Paint, scones and warm woollies sound delightful...and getting away for a bit!

  14. What beautiful photos, looks & sounds like a gorgeous weekend! Love the sprinkles on the babycinos .

  15. Oh that baby chino is gorgeous and so full of happiness. I adore your photo's Em. Have a beautiful, beautiful new week. xx


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