Saturday, June 1, 2013

thankful // the winter edition

the weight of wool blankets beneath quilts
socks, and slippers
hot water bottles, dressing gowns
steaming hot showers, fog on the mirrors
morning dew on the lawn, frost on the windows
soups, breads, tea
beanies and scarves
curling up snug, movies and books
dark, grey skies
white caps, and turquoise, and rain over the ocean
lemon and honey
knits, and tights, and layers and layers
lights on, dark days
warm ovens, freshly baked treats

hello, winter.



  1. gorgeous and want that stash of that bottom blanket...gotta see more of that x

  2. oh it's well and truely here! My daughter was actually excited that it was the first day of winter...crazy, but that's kids for you. I do feel though I live more in the season than I used to...Changing things around and enjoying what each Season has to offer! Wishing you a lovely weekend Em xx

  3. All the best things about winter! xx

  4. Gorgeous shot! Love the blankets!

  5. Hello winter, indeed! When put like that winter seems wonderful, not dull and dreary at all.

  6. My favourite season. Hello winter x

  7. you have a very sweet blog. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon it.


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