Sunday, June 16, 2013

{tea with me} join me, it's been too long!

A place to stop, think, reflect, wonder, share. Tea between friends. 

So maybe this is real life, and just like real life, our tea doesn't happen at the same time, at the same place, without fail.
I've definitely failed at making that happen. Do you mind? Or do you like the knowing, fortnightly? I need to make more effort.
Something that, since my holiday, I've realised I need to, even in my real-life friendships.
Especially in my real-life friendships.
I've let some friendships fall by the wayside. Unintentionally, but there's the key.
I need to be intentional.
Intentional about who I spend time with, who I allow to sit across from me, and allow into those intimate moments that can often occur in my kitchen. 

Are you aware of what you're emotionally giving, or receiving in your friendships?
I don't think I had been until lately, until I experienced again the uplifting, positive impact of the girls I holidayed with, and how soul-refreshing it was to be lifted in that way.
I realised I'd maybe been allowing too much to be taken, and feeling drained emotionally.
There will always be a give and take in relationships. 
But I haven't been taking enough time to be filled myself, and was allowing myself to be emptied. Over emptied. 'till there's only the dregs left, and even you can tell it's a bit yuk, that getting to the bottom of the barrel. 
Are you clever in navigating yourself through friendship? I came across a pin that made a lot of sense the other day: "The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart"
Sometimes we don't give each other room to grow. And we get stifled. 
And then no one can grow.

I am committed to growing healthy friendships. 
The Bible says that our love for each other (as Christians) will prove to the world that we're His disciples. (John 13:35)
But so often we attack and judge and gossip and envy... sorry, no, so often I do.

So I'd be telling you this, should you tea with me this week.
And about how I purpose in my heart  to be Filled, so there's freshness running over, and no room for the negative.
You would need to have a drink, if you tea-ed with me, to hold between cold palms, and help to warm your insides. 
Winter chill has definitely arrived, and I am snowballed in layers upon layers of clothing, and thinking that cutting my hair off in this weather was a silly idea, and wearing beanies on our walks to school.

I would tell you I'm so relieved my exam is over, and that I have a few weeks break before next semester starts again, and I will use the time sorting out my studio space, and hopefully sewing a thing or two before I start studying again. 
I'd share with you some photos I took of my brother and his beautiful little family, and how my great grandmother turned ninety, and we spent the weekend with family, and how it made my heart happy to see second and third cousins playing together.
And how, generally, my heart is happy.

How are you? What are you reading? How do you keep warm? Are you blessed with real-life friendships as beautiful as mine?

I'd love to join you for a tea this week. The linky will be open for a week... go on, invite me over! 


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  1. I have been reading, I mean stalking, your blog for ages. I thought it was high time I finally come out of the woodworks and joined you for tea. Thanks for sharing your life on your blog, I love reading!

    My {tea with me} post is here -

    1. Hiiiii!!!
      Thank you for joining me for tea! I'm glad you've been stalking, but even more glad you've said hello! :)



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