Friday, June 7, 2013

chasing sunshine

While my scheduled blog post on Saturday celebrated the return of Winter, I was busy wearing minimal clothing and traipsing around the tropical island of Bali. Mean, aren't I?
I won't bore you with the hundreds of photos I took, or give you every little detail of every favourite cafe, eatery or beach club - I'll save those, and share them another time.
For now, just a quick snippet of one of my most favourite holidays to date. So blessed.

// who doesn't like fluffy clouds captured through aeroplane windows? and cute cafes in obscure villages // I couldn't have chosen a better bunch to travel with; chilled was the key word // so much to see, wandering through markets // and seeing a whole different culture // western cafes are styled so beautifully; a framed and mirrored wall and // samantha robinson ceramic lightshades, gasp // I witnessed some inking (at a very reputable parlour, our birthday girl has used before) // wandered through balmy night time streets and markets // ate the best pad thai, and chicken cashew, and satay I have ever eaten in my life // jumped in and out of taksi cabs like nobody's business // and on the last night, finally got the hang of the currency

so thankful for beautiful friends to celebrate birthdays with, and for the amazing husband I have who held up the fort here at home

and today I'm spending the day wrapped in a scarf, chasing sunshine around my icy cold house and dreaming of next time...


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  1. Those lightshades! Gasp indeed!!

    rachel xo

    ps sounds like a magic trip.


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