Thursday, May 2, 2013

{tea with me} when you just know

Hear that? The kettle is boiling... what'll it be lovely?
Lemongrass and ginger is a good pick, especially with my favourite honey.

I've been writing lists today, ready for our little getaway. By now, I'll be off, and already there. Down to our south coast, into the cold wind south winds, and absolutely stunning landscape. I can't wait to show you some pictures.
I went last year with my gorgeous girlfriends. And the husband has been off down there on a couple of weekend adventures lately for fishing (we are hoping Joel will be able to reel in a salmon this time, too).
This time, it's the five of us.
I've been list making, and tea drinking, hoping that I won't forget anything, but knowing I probably will!

How are you going? How is your heart? What is inspiring you lately?
Lately I've been thinking about how easy it is for me to forget about others, in plodding along in my own journey. 
I should ask, I should text, I should call. 
I think about my friends, near and far, often. 
Usually in the middle of cooking dinner, or other crazy times that a phone call or text message just wouldn't happen. 
And I can be a lazy friend. 
Caught up in my own stuff, loving my friends and thinking of them without actually telling them. Oops. And maybe they need the reminder? Or the invitation? 
Even if the kitchen is a mess, and there's a to-do list as long as my arm, maybe they wouldn't mind sitting amidst my mess, and helping prepare a meal?

Next week school goes back, and it's a fresh start again.
A new beginning, for organisation, and the determination to actually do reading, and homework, and pack healthy home baked lunch boxes.
And make effort with friends.

Sorry friends, I do love you, I do!

And it's MAY. May already!
How have your new year's resolutions gone? Is it time to make them afresh?
Maybe time to make some more lists, set some more goals?
It's never too late! 
Not too late to change the pantry, or quit sugar, or pray more, or start a Bible reading plan?

We'd chat about these things, today, if you joined me.
And I'd be gleaning from you inspiration to make my own lists, and start afresh again this month.

Hope you can join me for tea this fortnight! Don't forget, you can add my new cutie button to your blogpost too, yippee!!

teacups too

Much love,



  1. I love this cuppa with you. I too can be a lazy friend. Life is so busy at times and my not ringing, or unable to go to that girls hangout is no reflection of my heart at all. You are beautiful Em and have a wonderful trip away. xxx

  2. Oh Em..I should be giving up sugar and setting new goals but...! This week has been quite busy and enjoyable but I haven't had much energy to really think and plan. I hope you get some lovely thinking time when you're away, it's often a bit easier when the usual weekly routine is broken.

  3. That was a delish cuppa, thank you kindly:) I know what you mean. I'm exactly the same with some of my friends. I think of them often but the days go by way too quickly. This was a lovely reminder for me to text and email and call some f my friends and let them know I do think about them:) x

  4. Nice to do tea again! I hope you had a lovely break, and that list making paid off :-) And you are right, it's never too late to start afresh. Love your tea with me button, it's very sweet!

  5. I know how you feel honey... I am late for tea but so glad to be hear. I definitely think it is time to revisit my goals and resolutions. I'll get back to you with my list *smile* xx


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