Thursday, May 23, 2013

tea with me {join me!}

Hello! Come in! The kettle is on (so is the heater!).
The blinds are drawn as high as they can go, and morning sunshine streams in. I love light.

It's been a while since we tea'ed, I had to postpone last week. This was me (above).
I sat at my corner of the dining table, as often as I could, pulling, straining, drawing out words for my final assignment. It was haaaaaaarrrd. I was so. determined.
This determination surprised me. 
Made me realise how much time I actually have, and how much I can accomplish when I spend this time wisely.
Needless to say I am proud of myself. Another unit (almost) done. Little by little!

I am more than relieved however, that the hard work for now, is over.
I'm sure my kiddos are relieved to have their mama a little bit more available, and lot more present. They are amazing. To celebrate their amazingness we rode to the patisserie and gorged on chocolate eclairs, and on each other's company. Bliss.
I have not enjoyed such mundane tasks such as cleaning the floors in a very long time, now that the housework is no longer being rejected.
So, now that you have sat, you can admire the freshly mopped jarrah, and I'll make you a tea.

Obviously, I will be happily chatting away about my assignment, how I hope it will make a passing grade at least, and how I am now so relaxed, and may even bake something tomorrow, something I haven't done in a little while!
And I can finally let myself anticipate my Bali holiday!
I am so excited, so blessed to be spending four nights with four besties in beautiful Bali next week. A little taste of warmth, and a big taste of relaxation! And, with camera in hand I can practice the things I learned at The Nursery there.

I will also share with you how much I am looking forward to just being still.
What do you do, for that time out? Where do you go to pray? How do you be still?
Is it a habit? Or are you like me, and find rhythm, only to lose it again?
What are you reading? What is inspiring you?

I am reading a She Reads Truth daily devotional. And The Great Gatsby here and there, in anticipation of the movie. I am loving my OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts polish (cheap, on eBay!), and looking forward to wearing my Gorman Sandbank Dress (also cheap, on eBay!) in Bali, with a headscarf perhaps, over my new pixie cut, eek! (I am hoping to take some photos to show you, soon!)

I wonder if you'll stare at my hair during our tea, and I'll ask you what you think of it (maybe numerous times) and tell you I'm still not 100% sure about it myself. I am sure it will grow on me, as I am just not used to seeing myself without a full fringe, or with no length of course! Aside from the shock, I am loving the rush of freedom cutting the locks has provided! And I feel a little bit stylish, and chic - neither of those things I have ever really considered myself.
And my husband is so, so happy! He has wanted me to cut it short for years!
We'll see how long it lasts...

So, lets tea! I hope you can join me sometime!
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  1. So lovely to join in! What a gorgeous place to share tea.
    If I was in front of you, I would tell you that your hair looks gorgeous. It really suits. I know that when I dyed my hair dark this year, I didn't feel like myself. The change was too great, even though I have been dark many, many times before.

    For time out I pick up my camera, write and read. I pray wherever I am. To be still, I meditate. I have dabbled in it for sometime, although I am now trying to make it a daily practice. What about you?

    I am reading Gatsby at the moment, you?

    See you next Thursday, my kettle has boiled. x

  2. Oh Em, I love coming to have tea with much has happened since I last must feel such a sense of achievement finishing that final assignment and yay to your Bali Holiday! I think you are so brave cutting all your locks off...and I'm sure you look absolutely divine!

    Can't wait to see the Gatsby movie too...i read the book last year in anticipation of the movie...then they delayed it! Anyhoo I'm sure it's the costumes and era I will most love!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead Em xx


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