Monday, May 27, 2013

my sisters' keeper

I don't have a sister. 
My brother is pretty awesome, and we made a lifetime of fun memories growing up.
But I wished for a sister up until I was old enough to realise it wasn't going to happen, and then I stopped wishing.
But you two, you two are already making me realise how much I missed out on.
There's something so special about having a sister, and I hope you both feel like this till you are old and grey.
You are a good fit, together. 
Eden, you are sweet, and sensitive and give into the demands of your little sister to appease her, so that you can play happily. 
Amie, you bring life, and your wicked sense of humour, and you are eager to learn, eager to be taught by your big sister, even though you consider yourself just as much a "big girl".
You always have someone to play "mums and babies" with, and someone who will vote Peppa Pig, when the threat of Star Wars and big brother looms.
You will always have each other.
A built in best friend, you'll be able to rely on each other.
No hurt over not being chosen as bridesmaid - it's a guarantee.
A guaranteed someone to have your back, tell you to wear/not to wear those shoes, and someone to share your wardrobe with. 
I try to imagine you two at each stage of life, and although I can't picture it properly, it makes my heart so happy to know that you are sisters and so thankful I was able to be a part of giving you that gift! 
I pray that I will be able to teach you to share, and show grace, and speak kindly, and forgive quickly. That one day, when you argue over more than just who gets which Barbie, your love and loyalty for each other will always prevail.


Do you have a sister? Or daughters? Aren't they the best?!

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  1. You're right..having a sister is fabulous. I appreciate it more and more as I get older but really didn't so much when I was living at home with her!


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