Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my kinfolk

This was another of our dinners, this time my turn to host. 
A welcome pause in a week that was riddled with chaos, and vomiting children.
A kinfolk-esque table setting, and a simple Donna Hay meal. 
And the most incredible lemon meringue pie you've ever tasted. Real Italian meringue, home baked. Amazing.

I wasn't going to blog about it, there was a lot going on, and it was the brink of school holidays. I played with my new lens anyway, and now, I'm so glad I did.

My friend Kristy, the beauty on the right is the one I mentioned yesterday.
We have been friends since I was sixteen, and started attending my local youthgroup. She was a youth leader there, a couple of years older than me, with a licence and a car, and a full-time job [aka really, really cool]
Before long, we were friends. 
She drove me, included me, and made me laugh.
Kristy makes everyone laugh. Her brutal honesty combined with her dry sense of humor and the fastest wit on the planet makes her so, so much fun to be around. 
You don't have to put on airs or graces, or pretend. Because she doesn't. 
Plus, she is the most loyal friend.
You know how I'm lazy? She's not. She calls, she invites, she remembers.
She is so loved. And honestly, probably doesn't even see that.

The four of us have seen each other go through a lot. And we've encouraged and prayed.

kinfolk: related or connected, akin, allied

Kristy has been through a lot too. And she is an amazing mother of three.
And this is just one more thing. 

We visited her today. The four of us together in a cramped hospital cubicle, surrounded by curtains (and thankfully, a window with a view)
And she's doing so much better.
Today she could keep her eyes open, and join in on conversation for a little while.
She is a fighter, and God is a Healer.
And I'm thankful for friendship.
And thankful that she'll read this post eventually, and laugh, and make a joke about getting sick so she could get famous on my blog. No, probably an even better joke than that. 
And I will tell her to shut up and bake another lemon meringue pie.
Keep praying.



  1. What a beautiful, beautiful group of friends. This is so special and I will pray for your friend that she keeps improving and overcoming. That lemon meringue pie has me drooling!!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday, your words meant so much and I appreciate being able to be apart of your Tea With Me link up. You are really just so beautiful Em, the most genuine and real and a gift to us girls. While we are online friends in this virtual world I would consider you apart of my kinship group. xxx

  2. On first impressions I thought you were all sisters! That lemon meringue pie is really impressive!


    Praying for you Kristy <3 & your gorgeous family xoxo

  4. Such a warm atmosphere in those photos. praying for healing. x


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