Sunday, May 19, 2013


Joel: You let daddy bribe you with Lego to cut your hair yesterday. Dad asked the hairdresser to trim it, but once you were in the chair, you were adamant you wanted it short, like his. I miss your curls, but can't help admiring that grown-up face, now that I can see more of it
Eden: Your sensitive soul continues to capture me, and I love your growing awareness of what you like... and what you don't
Amie: You are not fussy about what you wear, but you are imitating your big sister with your twirls, and headbands, and cute poses when you see the camera in my hands

We are all a bit glassy-eyed and under the weather today, hit with the sniffles, we are rugging up, taking it easy (and I am working on my essay with the box of tissues nearby)

Can it really be week 20 already?! Wow


  1. Oh Em! Day one after the Nursery and look at what images you give us?? They are stunning! Love the looks, the bow, the detail and the cheeky face!

    ps - I just read below you chopped all your locks off....did you do an obligatory IG photo! I'm off to see if I missed it!

  2. These are really beautiful images, love the detail...

  3. I noticed that your boy looked more grown up today..what a difference a haircut makes!


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