Tuesday, May 7, 2013

18/52 & a call to pray

Joel: So at home in the waves, by the sea. A boy after your mama's heart.
Eden: So at home in the arms of your adored brother. You cherish the rare moments he is slow, and affectionate.
Amie: Content.

We stayed with my Daniel's Papa, on our south coast. 
We played from sun up till sun down, and then drank tea, and listened to the stories Papa would tell about when Daniel was a child.
We five shared a bedroom, and often, the king bed. Warm with togetherness.

I cherished the time, as I would, yet a little more.
More, this time, because a close friend of mine is sick.
Really sick. 
The doctors don't know what is wrong, and she was so sick, that while I was away, they placed her in a coma to protect her body, and her brain. 
Thankfully she is awake now, but still hooked up to machines, and barely able to speak.
She's scared, and so are we, for her. But confident in a BIG God who protects, and loves.
I'm putting my faith there, and I'd love if you would too. 

And cuddle those smalls, under your feet, and look into your husband's eyes, and see, really see what you have. And be grateful.

Please pray for Kristy, my heart is aching for her.



  1. We too are praying for her...God is a big loving God that will supply all her needs. xxx

  2. Nothing is impossible for our God!

  3. So sorry to hear this. Praying for you and for Kristy and her family xx

  4. Such sadness to hear your friend and her ordeal. A quiet prayer I will send out for her. Bless those sweet angels you have up there too...as always, they are gorgeous xx


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