Thursday, April 25, 2013

the birthday eve

Birthdays in our home are anticipated with excitement. Days are counted down, and excitedly crossed off calendars, and I am repeatedly met with the inquiry, 
"How many sleeps now?"
Balloons and streamers are hung, presents are wrapped and hidden.
She can't wait to be five. 
And while they anticipate, I feel the same as I did, those years ago, the day before I gave birth.
Everything had to be perfect before I welcomed that new life into our home, our lives.
Now I declutter, organise, tidy, and pretty our home in preparation again, for the next chapter.

What will five be like? What adventures will we have?!

Her sixth year will begin with pancakes for breakfast. 
And then who knows where her legs will take her.



  1. Beautiful photos and such special, precious day!

  2. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have that excitement over a birthday! The anticipation, the opening of presents! She looks adorable sleeping. x

  3. Happy Birthday to your little one....hope is was a especially special kind of day. xx

  4. Who knows what the future holds...but it's fantastic that you make every birthday so special for your kids. It makes me excited just to read about the preparations and imagine the look on her little face!

  5. gorgeous photos that tell such a sweet tale. only 3 sleeps till my birthday . . . x


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