Wednesday, April 17, 2013

pick-me-ups :: the list

This is not an exhaustive list, to be sure.
Just things to do, to think, to remember if the slump hits.
And things to be thankful for.

eat healthy, wholesome food. (above. Coco-nutty Granola from I Quit Sugar
stop. rest. read // read for work, read for pleasure. my pile is growing.
read this, too // and listen here // and make reminders // and keep that Conversation going. 
and bake, or make things for fun // these are a favourite.

be thankful // count blessings: 
tea. lots of tea. chai, or french earl grey, or green.
beautiful friends, good for the soul
the sound of rain
the scent of mandarines
chicken soup
pictures drawn by five year olds with love
conversations about Lego
little getaways
school holidays
husbands and comfortable silences
freshly made beds
tumble dried towels
returned energy and motivation

what are you thankful for? what season are you in?


PS: I am slightly nervous about tomorrow's 'tea with me' post. 
Join me tomorrow? I may need your ever-encouraging words!

Joining up with Em over at The Beetle Shack 


  1. Thank you for this peek into your gratefuls. It reminds me how much I have to be grateful for in my life at the moment. I have the Banhoeffer biography on the bookcase - perhaps I should actually read it:)

  2. LOVE that is all I have to say.

    Plus I'm looking forward to Tea with me tomorrow EEK!!!


  3. Love you list and love your photos! Wuthering heights & Great Gastby were on my reading list last year...loved them both...when is that movie coming out?? I just make Sarah Wilsons sugar free's amazing...definitely a winner in my book! Wishing you a marvelous wonderful week dear Em! I'll pop back tomorrow and have tea with you xx

  4. Hi Em, you are preparing well for whatever the day throws at you! This is my season of knitting, reading..I've got George autobiography and Smith Wigglesworth..a collection and am grateful for my daughter in law whose decided to do some reorganising and spring cleaning around here just as I was getting bogged down with it all.

  5. What a great list. I'm grateful for the simple things in life. It does'nt take much to make me happy these days. Today being Thursday is our during the week home day. While the boys played I caught up on housework and pottered. They are having an afternoon nap now, so I'm drinking tea and reading my favourite blogs......bliss xo


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