Tuesday, April 9, 2013

hello hello


I almost left the post just there.
A quick hi. A "I'm here, I'm just not here".

I'm sorry I've had to postpone our tea. Can we make it next week? 

I have not been myself.

My thoughts are fragmented, distracted. Overwhelming.

I've been flat. And finding it hard to do day to day things without using a super huge amount of effort.
Where did my mojo go? How do I get it back?
When will this little grey foggy cloud lift itself?

I feel like I could sleep for days.

Every night I jump into bed early with the hope that this will be the night I'll have a week's worth of rest, and wake in the morning, bright, and back to normal.
And every night I lay awake too long, and too late, and when sleep finally comes, is ripped away again by some feline, or mini-human distraction.

And each tired morning the to-do list I spent hours determining in my mind the night before slips away with the arrival that silly fog, and I have forgotten what was important, or exciting, or necessary.


I have started taking some vitamins, and drinking more green tea than black.

And I had tea with a friend for the first time in these couple of weeks, which has seemed to lift me out of my stupor a little. I even made the beds after she'd left, and tidied the kidlets bedrooms, trying not to think about the mess that will reappear before I have time to blink.

the Answer? 

joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer*.


*Romans 12:12. The Bible is a wealth of wisdom, no?

**I am not depressed. Just feeling a little melancholy... maybe a little more blue than yellow. ;) 


  1. Oh I am most delighted to see this post. I have an obvious spring in my step after tea-ing with you today...the wonders of spending a little time sharing life over tea with a friend does wonders to life one's spirit does it not?

    You WILL get your mojo back lovely..maybe this is a time for quiet reflection for you.


  2. Im giving you a hug... can you feel it? Im holding your hand too. Walk dont run through this time, there is reason for it, there is learning in it and you will be ok my friend. xx

  3. Bless you heaps lovely lady in this season - I love the photo you have chosen too the light and colours are amazing xx

  4. Was worried. Will pray. Am glad you are safe. xo

  5. Hi Em...I think you need your 'powerhouse' fired up...and day by day it will. Have that 'Book of Wisdom' handy, so that even before you get up you can have a ten minute read and speak to the Author about your day or your thoughts or just what it's like to feel blah. He is tender and kind and loves you...and I have a feeling He knows what you're going through. Be kind to yourself too, despite probably feeling that you've messed up. I hope you will have some gentle days to be able to rest and think clearly and I really pray you'll find peace where the joy will come to you. Much love..and big hugs!

  6. oh Em...sad to hear you're feeling flat...perhaps its the Autumnal change, its does some havoc on the body and mind and I was just thinking how easy I feel like sinking in a little slump too. Take care of yourself, rest up and if you need to sleep all day I hope you get to do that too! Hope all is well with you soon lovely lady xx

  7. Grrr I just tried to comment but I think blogger ate it...
    Must be something in the water this week because I have been feeling flat and overwhelmed too... Every time I forget how hard it is when Neil's away and it's been a tough adjustment.
    So Im sorry I couldn't help this morning!

  8. Oh I'm so envious that you tea-ed with the lovely Tammi:) I can see why your spirits were lifted after that. Perhaps you're body's just not feeling that well. I know I've had times like that, it's not depression but severe tiredness andan overwhelming feeling.Vitamins and rest usually helps but often I find out that I've actually had a bit of a bug or something that's been the underlying cause. Rest. Rest. Rest. Take care and Romans is filled with hope and grace and mercy, all His. xx

  9. I've started taking vitamins too - I can totally relate to feeling meh right now. If I'm taking vitamins, things must be desperate. Does your cat wake you up too? Mine decides it wants to play at 4am. :(


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